Hatch Farms is your source for miniature cows, dachshunds, and other rare animals.
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Hatch Farms specializes in several rare breeds. Founded by Jeff Hatch over 30 years ago in Spokane Washington, Hatch Farms has raised a number of different animals over the course of time. Recently relocated to Springdale, WA Hatch Farms continues to raise rare breeds of animals. Currently Hatch Farms raises miniature cattle (including several breeds of mini cows), bactrian camels, dachshunds, soay sheep, miniature dapple/double-dapple dachshunds dogs, four-horned hair sheep, and African Crested Porcupines.

Over 25 years ago Hatch Farms began breeding miniature cattle. Some of the breeds of miniature cows include miniature paint zebu cows, mini-white face cattle, miniature watusi cows, mini long horn cattleand miniature dairy cattle.

One of the most exciting animals that we have are the miniature rodeo bulls. About 10 years ago we sold our first miniature rodeo bulls. Soon after that first sale we discovered something-- turns out those little bulls can buck. Since then we have sold dozens of little bulls for youth bull riding. Our miniature rodeo bulls are not only novel because of their diminutive sizes, but also because of their flashy coloring. Check out our Miniature Rodeo Bulls photo gallery.

We do have other animals in addition to those listed above. For more information click Other Animals.

Hatch Farms is located in Springdale, WA. To contact us call.

Jeff Hatch           1(509) 258-8974.

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